Uric Falkenrath

King of Bears, Keeper of Falcons, Son of Frigg, Baldr's Champion, and Slayer of Vampires



the Orion Amulet
Falcon Bracers
Baldr’s BMW


Theodorus Bear — a bear
Amonhart — a human
Roxy, Foxy, and Jewel — strippers


For some reason, Frigg usually produces female scions. They are typically formidably intelligent with a rare and powerful affinity for magic.

Uric has inherited all these traits, but takes after his half-brother Baldr in most physical aspects. In fact, Uric really wishes he was MORE like Baldr, a combative champion, rather than a ‘magic-nerd.’ This causes him to occasionally act out against his natural inclinations, going for spectacular demonstrations of strength when his real forte is the Physics-bending star magic he’s been practicing since his Visitation.

Now, Uric is determined to raise an army to lead in his holy war against the titanspawn on Earth.

Uric Falkenrath

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