A Loa Scion, son of Baron Samedi.


Weak in combat, fragile as cracked glass, and endlessly inventive in ways to twist the current situation to his advantage. At times his natural proclivity towards needlessly convoluted schemes and misdirections can set him at odds with The Band.


Rick grew up a clever boy. Using his natural gifts of manipulation, he cruised through life until colliding headfirst with his true father. Being told of his responsibilities meant nothing to him, and all he could see were the benefits. Suddenly, nobody could say no to him. Life became even easier, and now he had much more powerful friends to make. Life was good, for two years.

Eventually, during a drunken game of high-stakes poker between several scions he had never met, he raised the stakes higher than he should have. He bet his wits against the lungs of the Japanese Scion sitting across from him. By sheer luck, Rick won. This did not sit well with the Scion of Raiden, who accused Rick of cheating. Rick denied, and the deal was enforced by the surrounding Scions. Rick now had the lungs of a warrior Scion, granting him little powers besides that of being immune to the cancerous cigarettes he was so fond of.

The warrior of Raiden fumed, and took on the already quite cancerous lungs of the weakling Rick. Two months later, he tracked Rick down once again, and attacked him upon the road. Rick had been travelling with a mortal woman he had grown fond of, travelling cross-country with her uncaring of his duties or the dangers his actions had stirred. The son of Raiden struck the couples’ van, sending it flying through the air.

Rick was rendered helpless within seconds, his legs and elbows shattered by well-placed strikes from the son of Raiden. What followed was a brutal torture, as the Japanese Scion attempted to force Rick to give up his eyes, to pay what was owed and to take back his cancerous lungs. Rick didn’t have the first idea how to do so, and it wasn’t long before his jaw was broken as well, rendering him incapable of speech. Through the pain, he saw the Scion grabbing his lover. And what followed was an equally brutal beating. However, the mortal did not have the blood of a god flowing through her veins. She was mere flesh and bone. She died, begging Rick to save her.

The son of Raiden saw that he was not getting what he had come for, and could feel the approach of scions friendly to Rick, drawn by the tug of fate.

The entire time, “What if God was one of us” by Joan Osbourne was stuck on loop in the somehow still functioning audio in the now wrecked van.

Rick felt the tug of fate on that day, and rejected it. He saw its machinations had taken his love from him, and how it had pushed him towards a role that he saw the responsibility of. For too long, the Scions and Gods had reigned. They had forgotten they were the protectors of humanity, not their sovereigns. For too long had the status quo been accepted. So he swore on his soul that he would change things. One day, fate would no longer have the power to take lives, to dictate control. No longer would the gods be able to murder innocents without fear of reprisal.

Rick saw on that bloody desert road, a future where Scions were raised and taught control and responsibility, not allowed to run free like he and the son of Raiden had.

Six months later, when he was finished healing, he set out to find individuals he could use to build that future. A band of heroes that would become legends, strong enough to shape the world into a better, and safer place for the fragile mortals. He swore never to forget how helpless the mortals must feel, and instead focused on embodying the human traits of creativity, intelligence, and adaptability.


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