Scion Campaign As Presented To Us

Zyrigon's Downfall
Guess who's back.

The Band got back to Seattle after beating the hell out of the giant flying Ice Squid. They spent several days in recuperation- during which they had a vision from the prophet whose name escapes me, Zyrigon’s mother. She spoke cryptically of being yielding and being too proud and a bunch of other balogna that the Band obsessed over way too much because it’s just a prophecy and beating prophecy is what we should DO, guys. C’mon. Following fate is for los-

-before finally boldly setting out to work out a plan. However, as they spent time idly discussing their options in a local coffee shop, they sensed a disturbance in the air around them. Stepping outside, they saw a meteorite heading straight for them. As Rick directed the nearby mortals to safety, Kevin carried Caroline to meet the meteor, to which she enthusiastically applied her chainsaw to no avail.

The meteorite crashed, revealing itself to be the unholy fusion of chaingun and spiderlegthing. However, it was unprepared for the combined assault of the Band, notably Dmitri’s magic sapping its strength, followed by the clever positioning of Kevin’s spear in the soft underbelly of the beast.

It swiftly transformed into a tank, and proved a harder opponent before falling before the combined assault of lightning and bullets and chainsaws and magic and spears and Rick’s hurtful words. It reduced itself into a giant brain, which the team promptly chopped up into a massive quantity of little brainlets, and contained them in chinese take-out boxes. In the middle of the boxing process, the small brain-bits al grew wings and legs, before taking off. Including the ones trapped in the boxes.

After a brief rest to replenish themselves and acquire thirty pounds of plastic explosive, the team was ready for battle once more.

And so they stood in an empty field in eastern Washington, and summoned Zyrigon. Rick, in his infinite scheming, offered Zyrigon one final chance to surrender and serve the side of the Gods. Zyrigon attempted to say no, at which point Rick blew him up.

This being Zyrigon, that was nowhere near enough to bring him down, and battle was joined. Zyrigon pulled out his latest mad invention, that ripped the birthrights and clothing right off of any Scion nearby.

So NAKED battle was joined. Also, the brain-bits from earlier returned, and Caroline and Amelia held them off as the rest of the band faced Zyrigon down. Spears and Lightning bit deep into the Titanson’s body, but could not bring him down. As their artifacts left them, the band turned to more and more desperate techniques. Rick turned to the dark practice of Voodoo with all the power he had left to possess Zyrigon and stay his hand. He offered the prophet Zyrigon’s life in exchange for hers, counting on manipulating a mother’s love for his own dark ends. This proved less helpful than he had hoped, as Zyrigon quickly fought off his influence and transformed into a massive human centipede monster.

But that was not all, for Dmitri quickly brought his own secret weapon to bear, the forbidden cure for cancer that happened to be the zombie plague in medical form. The same medicine that Apollo had sworn to hunt down and destroy all traces of. Smashed and applied to the open wounds of Zyrigon, it drew the attention of Apollo himself. But this was not enough to guarantee their victory. It was only through the combined strikes of Xavier, Kevin, Caroline, Amelia, and Dmitri that the massive monster collapsed, finally unconscious. The wounds had piled on until he was incapable of continuing, and the team had finally found their victory, and without losing a member!

However in that moment, Kevin Chen was controlled by a force within the Lantern Phylactery, a combination of the wills of the prophet and Apollo, their attentions summoned by the actions of Rick and Dmitri, and their intervention performed through the medium of Kevin. The phylactery was yanked open, summoning all who bore Zyrigon’s armament and Zyrigon himself. In that moment, Amelia was sucked into the Phylactery and sent to the underworld with the Band’s hated foe.

The battle was won. Their birthrights were gone. Their friend was gone. They were naked. It might have started to rain. I’m unclear if that’s me dramatizing it or it actually happening. It’s a mystery. Apollo appeared to them then, and gave them golden replicas of the Birthrights they had lost just moments ago. Their spirits were raised immensely. Rick took Amelia’s compass of desire, and used it to find the nearest gate to the underworld, where Amelia had been taken. Kevin was granted the boots of flight after the loss of his beloved motorcycle. They all felt the surge of power after this latest battle. They had finally transcended into the realm of demigods. They were that much closer to godhood.

Amelia awoke in the underworld, and witnessed Zyrigon’s sad final moments. Finally, the prophet gave her directions out into the underworld proper, and showed her the path back to life. She was warned, that the way ahead would be long and hard. Amelia simply began walking. It was all she could do.


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